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Advance prostate cancer is something to dread. Yet prostate cancer is a common disease. The prognosis for advance prostate cancer is not bright. Diagnosis of advance prostate cancer means that the cancer has spread beyond the prostate gland. If prostate cancer is diagnosed early and it is confined to the prostate gland itself, it is possible to treat the cancer effectively. However, the majority of advance prostate cancer cases are fatal. One should not give up hope yet. There are advance prostate cancer patients who are effectively treated by a rigorous treatment. By fighting on, one might just be the lucky few to beat advance prostate cancer. It is important to know that there are on going researches into better treatments that will have lesser side effects and better survival rates.

Treatment for Advance Prostate Cancer

Hormone therapy is the form main of treatment for advanced prostate cancer. Male hormones such as testosterone aid the spread of prostate cancer. By reducing the amount and restricting the effects of these hormones, the growth of advanced prostate cancer can slowed. Hormone therapy will confer temporary relief of symptoms of advanced prostate cancer and also reduces the size of the tumor. Some of the side effects of hormone therapy are loss of sex drive, impotence, and osteoporosis.

Sometimes, radiation treatment is used in conjunction with hormone therapy. This is more effective in slowing the spread of the tumor than just using hormone therapy alone.

Another treatment option is chemotherapy using Taxotere and Prednisone. Taxotere will prevent the cancer cells from growing. The side effects of Taxotere include fluid retention, nausea, hair loss and the suppression of blood cell formation. Chemotherapy has shown result in prolonging the life expectancy of advance prostate cancer patients.

In some cases of advance prostate cancer, the doctor may recommend surgery to remove the prostate gland. The testicles may also be removed to reduce testosterone levels in the body. Removing the prostate gland will also provide some comfort to the patient, as it will allow urine to flow normally.

There are ongoing researches into genetic and immune therapy, which will increase the treatment options in the future. If you have been diagnosed with advance prostate cancer, it is not necessarily the end of the road for you. There are treatment options and new advancement in research. Maintaining a positive attitude and exploring all the treatment options may just lead you to being cured.

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