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Many men will be afflicted with an enlarged prostate when they age. In fact, some authorities believe that if a man live long enough, he will develop an enlarged prostate. While it may not lead to prostate cancer, it can cause many other problems. Hence, it will be prudent to avoid having an enlarged prostate. Unfortunately, there are no known risk factors for enlarged prostate. While the exact causes of enlarged prostate is still not known, there are a few suspected contributing factors. This includes hormonal influence and cell growth abnormalities.

Living with an Enlarged Prostate

If you found that you have an enlarged prostate, then the first thing to do is to consult a doctor. Although it may be benign, enlarged prostate can be indicative of prostate cancer. If it is benign, you should take all precautions to avoid aggravating it. Do not hold back on your urination if you experience an urge. Urinate as soon as possible and empty your bladder completely. Avoid doing anything that will lead to excessive urination in the first place. For example, avoid drinking excessive water or alcohol.

Treatment for Enlarged Prostate

Having an enlarged prostate may not necessarily leads to prostate cancer. However, living with an enlarged prostate can be irksome but there are many treatment options. Besides, hormonal treatment, other form of drugs has proven effective in relieving the symptoms. There are also many herbal treatments available over the counter although most are not thoroughly researched and tested yet. They should be treated as health supplement at this stage.

Coping with Prostate Cancer

If your enlarged prostate is found to be cancerous, there are several treatment options. These include hormonal therapy, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery. There are also new treatment options arising from extensive researches into a cure for prostate cancer. The prognosis for advance prostate cancer is bleak. However, it is possible to get effective treatment if the prostate cancer is detected at an early stage.

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